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Linda’s Hen’s Party Cake

Linda's Hen's Party Cake by zoyainc_1969

Linda's hen's cake

Linda’s Hen’s Party Cake, a photo by zoyainc_1969 on Flickr.

Gluten free white chocolate mudcake, wit white chocolate icing and then covered in fondant…the people are made of fondant too ….it’s was a surpise for my husband niece’s hen’s night….and the design popped into my head when I got the call too make a cake for the I was invitied too the event I knew we were ten pin bowling was part for the day/night..the characters on the cake are the mum, bride and sisters…..

Hello world!


Hi Everybody,
Zep (Jo) here when I was young I started making and decorating cakes, then life took a change and I stopped for an extended time.
Then about 5 years ago when the grandkids were 3 and 1, I made my 1st decorated cake in many years. Now everybody in our family gets a decorated cake for every occasion.
I think some of the family might even think I’m obsessed hehe but NOT me …
When I am making decoration for the next cake I feel at like nothing else is the world is going on, I just get lost in the moments/hours and can’t wait too see it all come together and then the most magic part is seeing the face of the person I’ve made the cake for…MAGIC