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Ute/Monster truck cake

Ute/Monster truck cake by zoyainc_1969
Ute/Monster truck cake, a photo by zoyainc_1969 on Flickr.

I was asked too make a ute/monster truck cake , based on the ute Zac’s has as his car.
I was asked too make sure it was lowered and that it had mags too.
I’ve made and used 3 white chocolate mudcakes, with milk chocolate ganache between each layer. Covered in in white chocolate icing and then fondant on top ….then decorated it up….Ruth(his mum) thinks Zac will love it when he sees it .

**this cake is not for anybody on a diet hehe

How I made my Transformers characters for the B’day cake


I’m going to try and explain how I made my characters for the Transformers cake I’m making for our grandson’s 9Th Birthday.

J told me before Christmas that a Transformers cake was what he would like this year.

So I got too thinking and looking at others ideas and then came up with 3 ideas which i’m going to make into 1 cake.

1st    I want to make a moon, so I’m made some  cereal treat ( rice bubbles, butter and marshmallows) and shaped that into 1/2 a ball and then covered that in royal icing. Then i’ve covered that with fondant and the final step is to colour it with silver dust.


2nd     I have too make  3 Transformers, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sentinel Prime.

I’ve taken photo’s of Optimus Prime being made:

1st    I coloured the fondant Blue

2nd    I’ve tried too cut out the base shape from looking a picture of Optimus. then cut of the windows with black fondant and added then, and next cut  out the red fondant and placed in over the blue to try and make him look like the picture.It takes a while too and this is one of the trickier shapes I’ve tried so far.

3rd    I’ve got some white fondant and made the final shapes of the funnels and steps etc, for Optimus and glued them into place and then lightly covered them with the silver dust again.

So this is my finished  Optimus Prime ready to go on the Cake.

I’ve used the same ways as above to make the other two transformers as well.

I’ve decided this cake will be made up with Banana  cake and Chocolate cake layers with chocolate butter cream between each layer.

Final step will be to cover everything with Black Fondant with white stars glued on, add the moon on the top and place the Transformers in place.

Transformer's Cake


Thanks for reading.

Cake Styles


There are many cake styles

the choices start with:

Chocolate/vanilla swirl

Butter Cake





Red Velvet

Rainbow Cake

Butter cake with fresh berries mixed through

Mudcake…… white chocolate, milk chocolate & cherry ripe

Fruit Cake

and theres many i haven’t written down too…you can always pick your own idea.


You can  have serval layers with cream inbetween each layer the those choices are:

Ganache: white, milk or dark chocolate

Buttercream different flavours and colours

and you can have fresh berries or even small chocolates or something thru the cream too…..again the options are endless

or you can just do the solid layer of cake



then last of all the outside covering of the cake can be either:

Chocolate Ganache (white, milk or dark)


Swiss Buttercream


White Chocolate Icing

Gluten Free Cakes


Most of the cakes  I make are Gluten Free, so I can eat them too, as I have Celiac Disease (meaning i’m allergic too wheat, barley ,oats and rye).

As most of my cakes so far have been for family, they are made Gluten free so I can eat with the rest of the family. ( No one can tell the difference anyway)

I can make normal cakes too and I would do unless asked too make them gluten free.

There are so many types of cakes out there and I’ve made most of them at different times, but i would always be up for a new challenge.