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Drawing from a photo a Cat Topper for Mother’s Day Cake


This was a new challenge for Me, I had a photo sent too my phone of this family’s much loved cat….which was too be the main feature of this surprise Mother’s Day cake.


So I got my cake decorating pens out, and while holding my phone worked out a outline of the cat with 1 of my decorating tools , then set out too colour in the cat …being black and white…..I coloured the top of head, ears,nose etc….then eyes…and then added grooves for the white….


It took a bit of time and the cat I drew it a little slimmer but overall  I was happy with the outcome.


I cooked a Red Velvet Cocoa Cake 4inch and topped it with Cream Cheese Icing.

Marbled some white and grey fondant together and covered the cream cheese icing.

Cut out from black  fondant some cat silhouttes with a scalpel and glued them on the sides of the cake with sugar glue.

Added some black and marbled fondant balls around the cat plaque and base of cake.

All done…


Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day ’12


This year I’ve made 2 mother’s day cake for my family and I  make an extra one for a friends mum too.

My Mum’s cake is a Basket of Rose’s……..A 4″ Red Velvet Cocoa Cake with Cream Cheese Icing….the cake is then covered with fondant and the rose’s are made of fondant as well…


My Husband’s Mum’s cake is a Princess/Barbie Cake……A 4″ Red Velvet Cocoa Cake with cream cheese icing….. and then decorated with fondant.

The 3rd cake is a Cat Cake….again 4″ Red Velvet Cocoa Cake with Cream Cheese Icing…..and decorated with fondant.