Monthly Archives: June 2012

My Business Card


I have had some business cards made up, because I hope too turn this into a part-time business.Image

After all there’s only so many cakes I can make for the family….yet i have so many cake designs in my head I would love too try! Making cakes for other people would be a great way and trying different styles and ideas.

I would also Iike too point out I do make and decorate Gluten Free ( because that’s what I am  Gluten free)

I would love too make that a specialist line .

I will send you a business card in the post if you send me a message 🙂

Busy time ahead ,Lots of cakes too make


In the next few weeks I basically have a cake a week too make for up coming family members b’days…..

I have my husband’s 60th coming up first

Then our grand daughter’s b’day

then my mother’s b’day……..and then the day after that I fly too melbourne too make and decorate  my husband’s neice’s  baby’s 1 st birthday cake ( so excited about getting too travel over too be part of this 1)

then  back in tassie a few days later I will be making Kev’s ( son-in law’s) b’day cake

as I go along thru all these cakes i will upload photo’s of each cake with a description of the work i’ve done.

I have all of the design ideas in my head…..and you will see them all in time.