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5 cakes in 4 weeks


1st cake…I made this cake for my husband’s 60th birthday

it’s all gluten free 1 mud cakes and 1 white chocolate mud cake….all decorations are made from fondant…

each layer of cake is divided by chocolate ganache and then covered with fondant.

the grass is pipped with butter cream.

this cake took me about 12 hours in total too make over a few days.Image

2nd cake..Peyton’s 7th birthday cake

all made from butter cake (gluten free) 2 cakes in total…’s an abstract form of a high tea party

so i’ve made it with a giant tea cup and a small teapot with peyton looking into the tea cup and all her toys relaxing at the tea party.

the cakes are covered in butter cream and then fondant over the top…all the characters are made of fondant Image

3rd cake

this cake is a gluten free mini red velvet cake with cream cheese icing coloured blue too look like the ocean

and a small whale made of fondant was placed in the centre of the ocean


4th cake

this was a special  treat i was asked too make this cake for my husband’s neice whos little man was turning 1..they were wanting something too do with surfing… I thought of baylen surfing in a nappy in the ocean.

I made the little baby in a nappy and surf board in advance, hopped on a plane and headed too melbourne, i cooked and decorated the cake over in melbourne ( white chocolate md cake with white chocolate icing, and the waves where made of fondant) and helped with the party and had a blast spending time with the family. It was great fun too be part of this special 1st birthday.


5th cake and i’m back in Launceston

Kev’s Birthday is the last cake for this month……He loves the simpson..but there’s a twist…..

the cake is butter cake  gluten free of course….with butter cream and then covered in fondant ……the characters are all made of fondant……the twist was instead of maggie as the baby…i mad a boy for heath..making it the hastings  not the simpsons



simpsons birhday cake with a twist


made this for Kev’s birthday cake…it’s gluten free butter cake with buttercream…then covered in fondant and all the decorations are made of fondant too…….
and i base the simpson’s on kev’s family that’s why the twist……mum, dad , big brother , middle sister then baby son

abstract tea party cake

abstract tea party cake by zoyainc_1969
abstract tea party cake, a photo by zoyainc_1969 on Flickr.

made for peyton’s 7th birthday, this is a gluten free butter cake x2 then iced with buttercream and then covered with fondant. all the decorations are made of fondant as well