Monthly Archives: September 2012

XP Falcon Birthday Cake


I was asked to make a Birthday Cake from a photo given too Me of a much-loved XP Falcon Car…… but was given free range on what my design would be…this is what I came up with…

The XP Falcon with a bright red interior going for a drive in the country…….

I added a few tuff’s of grass and some rocks for the country look as well.

he cake consists of 2 chocolate mud cakes with buttercream between them. Then covered in chocolate ganache and lastly covered and decorated with fondant.

The XP Falcon it’s self is made of fondant too.

Decorated Christmas Cakes


Christmas is fast approaching, and last year I made some decorated mini christmas cakes as presents, which seems to be  well liked…..

So would anybody be interested in buying a unique gift of a Decorated Christmas cake for you or someone special too you!

There would be 3 sizes available


mini cake for $20

medium cake $35

large cake $50

You can make your own design or work with me with my designs….you can see some I made last year

mini christmas cakes

I can deliver or you can pick up yourself.

Travel & Birthday Cake in 1


This is a Backpack Travel / Birthday cake

It’s a vanilla and chocolate swirl butter cake, it’s then been covered with butter cream and finally covered with fondant and all the decorations are made of fondant as well.

there’s a passport, map of the world and of course the PLANE…….

Happy Birthday early too Glenn and happy travels over the next few years x

My father’s day cake for My dad of course!


it’s a mini cake about 3 inches square…..gluten free chocolate cake with buttercream and then decorated with fondant and the helicopter is made of fondant too…..
I chose this idea this year( usually something to do with lions) because dad’s got into the small remote controlled helicopter’s so hence this cake
Happy Father’s Day dad x