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Australia Day cake 2013


BBQ cake

BBQ cake

BBq cake
Gluten free marble cake with buttercream icing, then decorated in fondant.
All the meats and vegies are made from fondant as well

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes………..samples



I was asked to make a sample group of Valentine’s Day Cupcakes, which may turn into a larger order…will find out today !


There’s Red Velvet and White Chocolate cupcakes…..Normal (coloured cases) and Gluten free (white cases)…

The Red Velvet have Cream Cheese Icing then decorated with fondant accessories, the White Chocolate have white chocolate icing and too decorated with handmade fondant accessories as well

Being for Valentine’s day i was asked to be inventive so I’ve tried several different options…. my fav’s are the bee’s and sheep….my hubbby likes the noughts and hearts…. what’s your favourite?

Anyway I’ll update my post once the lady has been to see my samples

WOOHOOOOOO I got the Valentine’s Day Cupcake gig…..So I will be making more of these cute cupcakes