Monthly Archives: February 2013

Racing Track Birthday Cake



Racing track cake in the shape of an eight is chocolate cake covered with buttercream icing coloured green for grass , then the track and the cars were all made of fondant .
this was so much fun too make and I hope the little man receiving the cake loves it 🙂

Valentine’s Day


Today was a big day for Me…..
I advertised Valentine cupcakes for sale and got a nice response.
so I set my alarm for 6am ( early for me) and got up and set out too make my V day cupcakes.

As my husband was on holidays for 2 week thru this time and we had planned camping the 1 st week. So I premade all my decorations based on what I thought my orders were.
Little did I know how busy it would get in the end….. 🙂
I had all my cupcakes ( red velvets, white chocolate and chocolate )cooked by 9am… 1st pickup at 10ish….most after 3 pm.
Then made up the icing ( cream cheese, white chocolate and buttercream chocolate) and started piping all the cupcakes…
done .
Then took my time too add all of my accessories I had premade…
and finally all my cupcakes done…ready for pickup.


I had a few spare cupcakes so I advertised them online and they went straight away….and then people asked for more……in the end I cooked another 2 batches in the evening and had too get busy making new decorations for them… I finally finished them all at 12.55am and everybody turned up too get them at 9am that morning ……
So overall it was am amazingly busy, crazy day and I LOVED every minute of it …..


the end results 🙂