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Chev Camaro 21st Birthday Cake


Chevrolet Camaro

My sister asked Me too make a special cake for my nephews 21st birthday.
The design was a Chevrolet Camaro and Gluten Free as well on top of everything else…and Big enough too feed 60 people.
So I set out and cooked 6 Gluten free mud cakes……3 per layer into a huge rectangle tin….. took over 2 hours too cook , then the 2nd batch of 3 cakes in thee tin again another 2 hours too cook…..Ahhh finally the GF cakes are made.

I then made some chocolate ganache while the cakes cooled…and got my husband too help me lift then onto the board with ganache in between to 2 layers.

Then set out with the carving too make the shape of the cake, the cake is a bit wider than normal….but need too amount too be stable.

Craig (hubby) was helpful with getting the shape right……and then set out too cover all the mud cake with the rest of the ganache.

Finally I mixed up the white and blue fondant and set out with covering the whole cake with it….Then added all the extra’s out of fondant ie : lights , windows, wheels, bumpers and so on.

Finally after 5 and half hours the decorating if finally done.

SO Happy 21st Birthday Dan

Birthday Cake



This cake is made up of 2 mudcakes 4″ and 6″ in size.
Chocolate Mudcakes were covered with chocolate ganache and then decorated with fondant.. Bottom layer in black with white dots and top layer white with black ribbon. The Bow and spiral Ribbons are made with fondant a few days before too dry and stay in shape.
Happy Birthday

Circus 18th Birthday Cake



Bridie is turning 18 so I have made her an all Gluten Free
Circus theme Cake and Cupcakes .
The Big Top cake is a Gluten Free Rainbow cake with White Chocolate ganache and then decorated with fondant .
The cupcakes are made of Gluten Free Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing and the animals and clowns are all made of fondant as well .
I made 6 Lions, 6 Elephants,6 Monkeys, 6 Ponies and 6 Clowns and 1 Ring Master.

Perfume Gift Box


I have made this cake for my sister in law…
I asked her for 3 ideas and her favourtie colour…
Julie said perfume, chocolate , flower and pink a favourite colour…
So this was my idea for her cake…..
A bottle of perfume in a gift box with a few flowers and of course the giftbox is pink (3 shades actually).
The perfume bottle and rose’s are made from moulding chocolate which I made myself from scratch.
The cake is Gluten free Red Velvet chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and lastly decorated in fondant.