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Zoo cake


"girlie" Zoo cake

this request was for Miss Charli who’s turning 1 was for a girlie, pink, mint and white girlie zoo cake with some animals……a monkey, elephant, zebra and tiger were requested…..and the cake itself was a rainbow cake….

So this is a picture of the end result….3D animals of top and pink and mint girlie zoo cake….

I also made 12 zoo decorated cookies for Miss Charli as well


despicable me mini cake and cupcakes


despicable me

I made for our son in law’s birthday this year…
He loves the Despicable Me movie and there’s a minion called Kevin ( which is his name) so I set out too made his birthday cake based on the minions..
This is all gluten free caramel mud cake with white chocolate ganache and lastly covered with fondant .
there’s 2 different styles of minions on the cupcakes and then the mini cake is the minion Kevin 🙂

1st birthday cake , pretty pink


Pretty pink 1st birthday cake

This cake was chosen for Miss Charlotte who turned 1…
It’s made of two vanilla cakes 8″ and 4″….covered with butter cream and then decorated with fondant.
The ribbon and bow are all fondant as well.
It’s the first time I have done the quilting and I quiet happy with the results.
Happy Birthday cutie 🙂

Champagne and glasses 40th birthday cake



this cake was made for twins turning 40…..
when they getting togetherfor special occasions they always have a drink of Jansz champer’s … from that this cake idea was made.

so it’s a bottle of Jansz champer’s and 2 glasses and on the butterlies are their names jane and kristy.
the theme was blue , black and silver.
the cake itself is 6 red velvet cakes with cream cheese icing between layer’s and then decorated with fondant.
the champer’s bottle is cake sculpted into shape and decorated with fondant too.
the glasses are only fondant
again happy birthday too Jane and Kristy

Scooby Doo birthday cake


this was made for a little girl, who wanted Scooby doo and lots of pink…….
so the cake itself is chocolate with chocolate butter cream and then a layer of pink fondant on top.
then 3 little layers of frill in different brightnesses of pink around the side.
and lastly Scooby doo himself is made of fondant as well and placed on the top of the cake

Tangled Birthday Cake



this cake was made for our grand-daughter
it’s a gluten free red velvet with cream cheese icing and finally decorated with fondant.
All the extra’s have been made of fondant as well
Hope she loves it
I had a great time making this for her…..

Happy 18th Birthday cake…make up & shoes


make up & shoes

This cake was made for Courtney who is turning 18,
the brief was for a girly princess and shopping queen…lots of make up and shopping …. and
what girl doesn’t like shoes?
The cake it’s self is a vanilla cake, covered in buttercream and lastly covered in fondant.
all the decorations have been made of fondant as well
Happy 18th Birthday Courtney