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3D Owl Cake


3D Owl Cake

This cake is made up of four 6″ chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache between each cake…then I tried too sculpt it into the owl shape….. then covered the top with ganache as well…….
Lastly I covered the owl with fondant and all the decorations are made of fondant as well….

* 1st time I have done a 3D owl…so I was overall happy with the outcome….and I’m sure it will be easier next time as well

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake


the bottom layer of this cake is strawberry and the top layer is vanilla ….covered in buttercream and then fondant ……

Baby Shower cake…Its a Boy !


This Baby shower is nearly the same as my last one…as requested apart from they know it’s a Boy….so lots of blue this time.

Again it’s a red velvet 3 layers with cream cheese icing between each layer…..
then covered with fondant and all the decorations are fondant as well including the babies

Baby Shower cake video


Baby Shower cake video a video by zoyainc_1969 on Flickr.

this was my 1st baby shower cake…..and I was told I had freedom too make it anyway I wanted too….and just surprise Erin……
They didn’t know if they were having a boy or girl……
so this was my take on a baby shower cake..
it’s Red Velvet with cream cheese icing and all the decorations are made from fondant..even the babies.

30th Birthday cake…..



Happy 30th Birthday….
This cake was ordered as a surprise for her daughter…
It’s a white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate icing and then covered with fondant….then I quilted the icing added pearl dust all over the cake…
Then I added the pink bow and ribbons and lastly rolled the purple balls and added then to the quilting…

Hope you had a great birthday Toni xx 😉