Monthly Archives: February 2015

Stunning Bling Wedding cake….


this is a 4 tier chocolate Mud Cake with ganache between and around each layer, then covered with fondant. then diamondette’s added too the quilted tier….. and a fondant bow on the top…….. and lots of extra bling around thos base of each tier as well

Star wars , mini R2D2 and cupcakes


I made these for our Grandson , who’s a huge lego and star wars fan….
so this year I decided the kids can have a mini cake and cupcakes this year and Jude’s was first…… so the mini cake was a zebra cake and it’s R2D2 and the cupcakes apart from 2 ( which r gluten free chocolate mudcake) are zebra cupcakes as well with all of the main star wars characters on top made from fondant
happy birthday too you Jude xxx