My Nickname by my Husband is ZEP……hence my cake page is called Zeppie Does Cakes…..
my real name is Jo

I am Gluten Free and love cooking all the time….and I have mostly converted all my recipe too GF….

Cake decorating is also my most favourite thing to do…..and there’s always lots too learn as it’s an ever changing hobby….

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  1. Hello, I was wondering if you can make a tyre cake for me, maybe send me a picture of what you would make and the price, I have seen a couple of different ones on the internet.
    Regards Wilma

  2. Hi Jo am looking for a silver edible icing pen or similar for a cake for my grandson, wondering if you would have something I could use

    • Hi Vicki, i brought my edible silver pen in Birchalls here in launceston….. i do beleive some spotlight shops have them or even ebay …….theres also some cake decorating shops stock them but not all, regards Jo

  3. Hi there Jo, are you located in Launceston? I would like a small, square gluten free cake, iced for 3rd Sept. Are you able to help out?
    Thanks ,Linda

  4. Hi there Jo, just enquiring about getting a gluten free birthday cake made for my wife’s birthday with a navy blue theme to it.

      • Thanks very much, I was thinking a chocolate flavour would be good and would only be for like ten people max. Also won’t need it till the first week of may just thought I’d be organized and get in early.

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