zoo cookies




decorated biscuits

I had my 1st try and making and decorated some vanilla biscuits yesterday.

The vanilla biscuit recipe I converted too Gluten Free quite easily, I just had too add a little extra egg too the mixture and it was just a little bit dry when kneading it together.

Once the dough was made it sat in the fridge for 30 minutes, then I rolled out the dough and cut out shapes of hearts and diamonds (note too self…need some cool cookie cutters) let them cook for about 12 minutes and when just browned..put them out on a rack too cool .

A little later I made some sugar glue and cut out some different coloured fondants in the same shapes hearts and diamonds, and played with texture mats and cutters and once I had them all ready, I painted sugar glue on the biscuit and carefully placed the fondant onto the cookies . Getting different shapes  and colours.

I’m looking forward too have some more fun and getting fancier at this process because I found it too be so much fun. Just like with the cakes.

It’s great fun making things with icing.

2nd go at decorated cookies


3rd try

4th try

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